We at SMC believe that executive search is a relationship-based profession and not a transaction oriented business. Therefore SMC acts as advisor to and representative of clients understanding their expectations. We act in confidential & exclusive association with clients on assignments.





We speak with your hiring managers to determine key competencies needed for success in position, including responsibilities, performance expectations, performance bottlenecks, personality requirements, career paths.


After deciding key competencies we begin research phase by identifying potential candidates from a variety to sources viz. Recommendations, Trade Association Reference, Contacts from Conventions/ Seminars, Information on key personalities gained from newspapers, trade journals, the internet, Extensive in-house data. 



Candidate Briefings

We contact the candidates to provide them with an overview of the position and feedback from the client on their profile. We determine the reasons why they would seriously consider changing companies, and provide the client with a complete synopsis.

Co-ordinate the Interview

We assist with the scheduling of meetings, and provide hiring and line managers with specific areas of concern in regard to each candidate, including “problem areas” that may need clarification during the interview.

Provide Feedback
Following the interview, we provide feedback to both parties to address and clarify any potential misunderstanding.

Negotiate & Close


Deliver an Acceptable Offer

Our consultants can often be the key in this delicate area. We prepare candidates to accept in advance by weeding-out indecisive, insincere, and “counter-offer” candidates before you spend time and money on developing an offer. In addition, we will assist you in determining the minimum offer required to secure a candidate.

Communicate Hiring Decisions

We ensure that both positive and negative decisions are delivered to candidates in a discreet, polite manner, without causing difficulties for either party involved.

Candidate Transition Counseling

We assist candidates through this difficult process including : Dealing with counter offers, The Resignation Process, Relocation and Personal Issues.